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Built on the premise that vegan food can be tasty and affordable while offering a laid-back vibe, we pride ourselves on being the next entertainment hub of Oakwood Village. At Vegwood we are more than your local eatery, we believe that we are a part of the proud and determined spirit of Oakwood Village.  We believe that doing good for the environment and doing good for humanity go hand in hand.  That’s why we will do our best to support our local business and community that we serve.

We also believe that we must be responsible stewards of this planet.  That is why we are continuously evolving our environmental consciousness.  In order to support our ongoing eco-friendly efforts we will encourage bringing your own containers for take out and exploring the best ways of responsibly disposing of any table ware we provide.

We are committed to bringing good food to good people which is good for our environment.  Join us on the journey to an enriched community and a better planet!

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540 Oakwood Ave. Toronto, Ontario


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