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Strive Publishing was born out of the need to find culturally relevant picture books for my children, my grandchildren, and as a teacher, for my students. African American children need picture books that they can see themselves in; African American young adults need novels that they can relate to; teachers need to engage African American students in reading; and parents need to buy books that their children will enjoy reading. Moreover, emergent African American authors need a publisher that knows the value of our stories. Strive Publishing intends to meet these needs.

Strive Publishing's vision is to give all children the opportunity to see African American culture from different perspectives, and to provide pathways for illuminating stories across cultures and generations. We will begin by filling the need for picture books and young adult novels that our children can see themselves in, and work toward filling the need for a diverse range of representation in children’s, young adult, and adult genres. Through publishing and illuminating the stories of creativity, wonder, determination, and success of generations of underrepresented voices, we will help tear down stereotypes and build up bridges that connect to a more diverse publishing industry.

“Strive Publishing is a calling for me, Strive Publishing is also an opportunity for others, and Strive Publishing can be a mirror for young readers, but also a window for society...”

— Mary Taris, Founder/CEO

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