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ince 1934, the bank has delivered essential banking and financial services which have contributed greatly to the growth and development of the Washington, D.C. community. From that first day in 1934, when Industrial Bank had just six employees and $192,000 in assets, Industrial Bank has grown into an institution with over 160 employees and over $500 million in assets.

Industrial Bank offers a full range of banking services from eight banking centers, of which six are located in the District of Columbia. These services include a host of checking, savings, and investment accounts for retail and commercial customers, cash management, corporate online banking, electronic banking services, debit cards, a variety of consumer, real estate, and commercial loans and lines of credit.

In addition to providing services, Industrial Bank works to create a vibrant local economy in other ways including public/private partnerships, banking education/financial literacy seminars, and sponsorships. Industrial Bank believes that an educated, informed customer is the best customer.

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