African Fashion Week Montreal (AFWM) serves as an inclusive platform dedicated to celebrating, promoting, and supporting African and Caribbean talents, histories, arts, and cultures.

Our event aims to foster a sense of community by embracing inclusivity and unity among Africans, Caribbean, and Canadians, seamlessly integrating this cohesion into the art and fashion industries.

We strongly believe in the importance of mutual empowerment and collective celebration within our community.

In addition to featuring African and Caribbean-inspired designers, AFWM endeavors to showcase various forms of art and culture, offer educational opportunities, facilitate industry networking, and commemorate cultural diversity. Our carefully curated program highlights the unique creativity and talents of individuals from African backgrounds.

We invite you to join us in commemorating our next edition and celebrating the vibrancy of African and Caribbean cultures.

Interested Designers, Models, Vendors, Media, Sponsors, Partners, etc. Please contact us at:


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