African Fashion Week is an annual event that celebrates African fashion, culture, and creativity. It typically features runway shows, pop-up shops, exhibitions, seminars, and networking opportunities, showcasing the work of African designers, stylists, models, and artisans. African Fashion Week serves as a platform to promote and showcase the diversity, richness, and innovation of African fashion and design on both a local and global scale.

About this event

The African Fashion Week in Edmonton (AFWE) 2024 promises a day filled with excitement, creativity, and style.

We’ll kick off the festivities with a vibrant pop-up shop and day party, offering a chance to meet vendors, enjoy entertainment, and network. This will be followed by an electrifying fashion runway show and an unforgettable after-party.

AFWE stands as Edmonton’s premier Africa-focused event, garnering attention year after year. As an annual celebration of African talent and fashion, AFWE continues to captivate audiences, providing a platform for designers and partners to shine.

With each passing event, we aim to cultivate a thriving community of designers, stylists, industry experts, and fashion aficionados united in their passion for creativity and innovation.

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